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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Britain's Got Talent-Susan Boyle--My Reflections

There are different versions of Susan's perfomance on youtube, one has over 47 million views and another (this one) over 9 million views. Yes, I admit, I've watched it several times. I have found it so inspiring...If you haven't seen it, you really should watch it here. Why do I think so, well, when I was thinking if I would write a post about it, I thought about why it is so inspiring, here goes:

Here is this 47 year-old woman who has probably lived most of her life in the little "collection of villages" where she is from in Scotland (? I think). She sings the song from Les Miserables "I Dream a Dream" and it is like her story. She's been singing since she was 12 and always had a dream to sing in front of a large audience and didn't have the opportunity until this show. It's clear that no one really believes in her or is expecting great things...but she knows she has the gift and doesn't doubt her ability to fill the whole place with her incredible voice.

The judges and audience are stunned, then amazed, and the one, Pierce, seems on the verge of tears. Simon Cowell has this sweet, adoring face that I have never seen on him (not that I watch American Idol, maybe others have seen him with this face). The judge, Amanda, says it so well with really humbly saying that they were all "against her" in the beginning and really being "cynical" and what a huge wake-up call that is--because they all judged her on her homely appearance and quirky, country behavior--assuming nothing great, brilliant or awe-inspiring could come from one such as her.

Well, I think you get some of the analogy. I think it is so inspiring because this is such a picture of "us" as we seek to sing for all the World the song that the Savior has placed in our hearts. Often, if we really take the risk, we find ourselves surrounded by a sea of doubting faces ready to categorize us as another religious nut. And how do we respond? Often, I would say, that I retreat and what I "sing" is dim and weak and my lack of confidence in the power of the gift I've been given is what people see. Susan Boyle with her amazing, God-given gift, puts me and every other believer to shame who doesn't display the gift/song of Christ with the same confidence. After all, what is more beautiful and awe-inspiring than the love of Christ in all of it's dimensions flowing from us in amazing ways?

I think this message came to me/us at a good time. We've had a pretty discouraging week (in some key areas) in what we do (high school ministry) many ways I think we feel like that awkward, homely 47 year-old woman who walks out on this stage, fully aware of how we must look to others. (I don't think Susan is "aware" or really cares how she might be viewed from the outside.) We are called to be like her and sing this song we know we've been given with all of the confidence of the power of the eternal weight of Glory in it.

Hope you watch it and can be inspired in similar ways.

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Amy said...

what a great analogy, ab. thanks :) love you!!!