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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt #1

The day before Easter, there was an Easter Egg Hunt at Campus Crusade Headquarters down here in Orlando. It was a really fun morning that we enjoyed with the Luke, Erin, Ella(far left--top left pic) and Kate(second from left) and Carrie, Ben and Shelby (next to JJ) who are two families from our church. This was JJ's FIRST Easter Egg Hunt and I was excited to see how he would do! As you can see the field behind was just full of eggs. However, there were many, many little kids and so we kind of had to go fast to get enough--but JJ didn't move so fast...we still got some great eggs--9 total!

I was so incredibly bummed, because I took A TON of pictures from this great morning. Then, when I came home, I found that my memory card was in the card reader of my computer! (incidentally, my digital display WOULD have told me this, BUT that has been broken for months do to a cute lil blonde spilling a drink on it:) and we haven't quite been able to get a new one yet!)
I am very thankful that my friend Carrie could share these photos though! Thanks friend!!
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