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Monday, April 6, 2009

Please pray for Abbey...

I was fully intending to blog JJ stuff tonight (and will soon!) but I wanted to catch up a little on my own blog reading and I'm glad I did. I found that the little girl, Abbey, that I've been praying for, who has luekemia is in the hospital and really needs prayer. Please pray for Abbey. They have just found a blood clot from a CT scan and are still determining why she spiked such a high fever. She has been waiting to start the last 2 weeks of her most intense chemotherapy treatment before moving to a much easier phase of treatment called "maintenance".

Although I've never met this family (the connection comes as she is the niece of my twin's college roommate and friend--also my friend through her), I've been so touched to follow Abbey's story and pray for this dear family who testifies so much to God's goodness amidst this incredibly difficult season...and the playlist on their blog is what we play when we want to listen to encouraging music...

You will be touched and encouraged...I've linked the blog twice, and here it is again (it is also on my side bar as "Colbert Family...". Even if you can't visit the blog, just lift Abbey up please:) Thank you for your prayers!

I will be posting much about JJ--probably tomorrow??...I have some really fun pictures! since I've been up and around there's been more we're doing and more to write about! Can't wait to share! Love you all!


llwambold said...

Hi Abby! I came across your blog, by seeing your comment on Sarah K.'s blog! (small world!) Ours was not the baby Sarah was talking about and yes, you're right, we do have a baby girl - just turned ONE! (good memory) Nate and I get your newsletter and are reminded to pray for you, your family and your ministry. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Sounds like from your blog you are feeling better. And your blog is great - pics of JJ are too precious. What a gift!

Julie said...

thanks for sharing this family with me... I am praying for them. Hugs dear friend!