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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

JJ's best buddy...

is a girl!! A "chocolate lab" named Riley. We both love her. I love her because whenever I take JJ to visit Shannon and her new baby Jake (bottom left center), I don't have to do anything with JJ, just let him run around with Riley. He lets her give him all sorts of kisses, even on his toes (top right) and is so comfortable with her he's put his finger right in her mouth! I have never especially been comfortable with dogs, unless I know their owners well and know they behave well, but Riley is definitely the dog I feel like I've been closest to. They are going to breed her, so maybe we will have to get one of her pups! We'll see.

On this day in particular, JJ ended up being outside with Riley. There is a screened in back porch and I didn't think JJ could work the door out, so I had no idea how he got out there. I was taking care of Jake so Shannon could sleep (you all remember those newborn days...I will get them again, soon enough:) and just letting JJ play with Riley. Well, he got out there 3 times and I was talking to Shannon and wondered how JJ got out? I thought, "could he have crawled through Riley's dog door?" Sure enough, Shannon and I walked out when Riley and JJ were on the porch and right after Riley went through her "door" JJ thought for a second and then got down and crawled through it! We laughed so hard! We got JJ to do it again and she got a video--I am going to get it and post it!

As you can see too, I didn't always get his shoes on when he was out there...I don't think he minded at all!!!

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Rebecca said...

JJ would LOVE Charlie then! When we go to the park Charlie could care less about the other dogs...but runs right over to the kids with a "smile" and tail wagging!

Sara said...

Soo Cute! Did JJ know Riley before we came down there? Sorry we didn't meet her. I think you should get a dog someday. Make sure you watch Marley and Me. I watched it today and cried like a baby. A very special dog story . . . Thanks for the package for the twins too! You're the best!