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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Getting organized...or nesting??

Well...just when I was thinking, "wow! I haven't had the nesting urge yet in this pregnancy"...I think these pictures are proof that it has come a little. The organizing unit on the left I found used on-line and went to pick it up and on the way home picked up the one on the right for our living/family/playroom. Part of the reason that I don't think I felt the urge to nest is because we have been unsure if we will move (yes again) to be closer to the school where we work. We sensed the Lord's leading to do this, but then have been weighing some factors recently that make it seem like staying might be the right decision. I would definitely like to have the freedom to get a space ready for the baby where we are...and to not have the stress of moving in my third trimester of pregnancy.
You all can pray for us with this, as we certainly want to be faithful to the Lord's leading and open to His best for what He's called us to.
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Julie said...

that is hard Abby, I will be praying for you all. We just had staff days and we prayed for you all, everyone at Timoteous. We prayed that God would still be leading you here to work with us :) Just wanted you to know... hugs and love, btw I love your new organizing bins!

TarynFlagg said...

We moved about 3 weeks before I had the girls and yes, it was a nightmare but it is definitely doable. I say this, though as someone who didn't have a toddler during this time. Anyways, I think that if it is something that God is really wanting for you it is completely doable.