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Thursday, May 7, 2009


This is what JJ says when he spills something or makes a mess of something. Except I don't think he said it in this case. I also didn't take the picture when he was sitting in the middle of the sprawl of wipes (yes, that's what those white things are). Jared was cleaning up dinner and I was in the bedroom and I thought JJ was being really "quiet" out there, but I also thought Jared could see what he was doing...anyhow, Jared called me out and said "You've got to see this." and I came out to JJ sitting in the middle of all of the wipes. He emptied almost the entire package, but neither of us could get upset, because it was quite funny. However, we did tell him "no" and I put the wipes back in their package (had to cut one end and duct tape it). Lately, JJ's been saying "uh-ooh" alot and spilling more things. I know a part of it is him understanding "cause and effect" so I've been trying to not get upset, but to have him help clean up and to ask him not to do it again (which doesn't always work, so I'll just take it away). I think I'm learning how important it is to have perspective as a parent and by God's grace, God is giving me patience with my funny, loving, mischievious, almost-2 son:)

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