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Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Birthday and First Corn of the Season

Sorry that I've been away for a little while. I've been literally away and will share or already have shared about Jared and my time away if you are reading this well after I post...anyhow, it's good to be back!

My dear Aunt Debbie came in the day before my birthday and stayed close to a week to visit and then watch JJ while we were away. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of her from the visit, but they should be coming as she has some and will be getting them to me. Well, it was such a treasure to have her here. She took care of all of us! She is my mom's youngest sister and in their adult years they became best friends and so has felt led to do special things for my sisters and I, despite having four children of her own, as much as she is able.
She made dinner on my birthday and got this fruit-covered cake that was delicious as my birthday cake. The flowers in the bowl are those Aunt Debbie saved for me as they were from Jared for Mother's Day. I am so glad to get this picture of them. And the other flowers were brought home by my amazing husband on my birthday for me and also for Aunt Debbie to enjoy while we were away.

Ok, so onto JJ and the corn-on-the-cob! He loved it, as you can tell! It really was good corn! There has to be some perk to living in Florida when it is HOT and will be for the rest of my pregnancy and more! He didn't quite get holding it himself, but that didn't stop him from eating it as you can tell. Thanks for the laughs, my sweet baby boy, on your mama's birthday.

Now that's what I call "sinking your teeth into it!" JJ "eats like a man" as my friend Carrie says!
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Shauna and Ben said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like it was a lovely time. And what a nice treat your aunt gave you!