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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cruise Collages...Part 3

As we were told before we sailed, one of the highlights of a cruise is the food. This was certainly the case for us, especially the dinners. They were all gourmet and we didn't have to worry about finding the cheapest thing because it was "all-inclusive". We got to enjoy a couple of hours of uninterrupted conversation, order appetizers, multiple entrees (sounds like gluttony, huh?) and fabulous desserts. And, we very much enjoyed the wait staff.

Top right below is our waiter, Komang, from Indonesia. (We loved how many international cruise staff we got to meet!) He did this trick the first night. He balanced four forks entirely through toothpicks! He truly was such a great waiter, so friendly and gave excellent service. The men in white are chefs who we cheered the last night...they truly prepared some amazing things! On the bottom left is our waiter Komang and another man (don't know his name) from Belarus-singing into a pepper mill!-as they sang for us. It was so fun!
Doris, who sat with us each night, is in the teal shirt.

The same day that we went to the Bahamas there was a "formal" dinner. I had this great comfortable dress from my twin sister that I loved! They took formal portraits on the ship, but I'm so glad that we didn't get them, because I love these candids so much more!

I loved the towel bunny that was on the bed in our room...I think these touches make you feel so special!
Below on the right is Doris, again, and her friend Shirley. They had taken the red eye in from LA to come on the Cruise. They were really terrific young women. They are both Chinese-American believers who grew up together and went to UCLA where they were involved in InterVarsity. We got to hear their testimonies one night, and it was just really great to meet them!
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