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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cruise Collages...Part 4

Our second "port of call" was Royal Carribean's private island. Thankfully we had some great sunshine in the morning because by noon the rains had come and the rest of the day was a "washout". Again, it didn't dampen our spirits. We stayed until close to 2pm and it did look promising, but since the island is small it is "hit or miss". But it truly was fabulous and gorgeous and Jared got to see the Carribean waters for the first time!

I like the picture to the left below, because, not only is it a good belly shot, but you can see the lifeguards getting everyone out of the water. It looked promising, but since there was lightning, no one could go in the water.

This was the last night. I look happy and relaxed, don't I? If you've never seen the inside of a Cruise Ship, it's really somthing. The picture in the middle is the main dining/lounge area and I am posing just in front of it.

My highlights of the Cruise were both special things with Jared(of course!).
The first was the same night as the formal night. There was a couples "Romantic Dance Hour" and I told him "I don't care if it's just you and I"...well, there was just one other couple that danced when we did and a couple more that straggled in...and we didn't mind at all. It reminded me that we need to dim the lights and put on some "date night" songs and dance more at home!
The second was the last night after we had taken in a little bit of the show, Jared led me out to the deck. It was amazing, because we could see the stars (I had prayed for this for 'at least one night') and then the great, vast sea below. I was a little leary with a fear of heights and deep water, but we lingered and sang and truly worshipped. I won't forget what it felt like to be out there and be lost in the wonder of Him.

I don't know if a "getaway" is possible for you and your husband/wife. But, it is so worth it, and I hope you get a gift like this soon!

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Shauna and Ben said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! Beautiful places and people. I'm so glad you got a chance to do this and enjoy some "alone" time together. I would love to do a cruise w/ Ben someday. Thanks for sharing your experience :)

Amy said...

looks like you had a wonderful time together ~ it's so nice to recharge the batteries with your hubby, isn't it? :) btw, you look absolutely beautiful~ dare i say, "glowing" ??? when are you due? :)