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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another Day at the Beach

This day at the beach actually happened over a week ago and so it was 2 days after JJ's Mother's Day Beach Trip. Our good friends from our Staff Training with Campus Crusade, Joshua and Bethany, were going to be in Florida. They are nearing the end of their support raising (almost 2 and 1/2 years, but a little over a year full-time) and made a trip from Ohio to Florida for some appointments and a little time away.
Their son Winston (left pictures below) was 2 at the end of March (5 months older than JJ) and Bethany and I were the pregnant ones at our Staff Training, so we bonded. They had a baby girl, Etta, at the beginning of February who will be about 8 months older than Susie. It was so great for Bethany and I to connect and Jared and Joshua as well. When you've gone through the support-raising process, especially as a young family, you have this amazing kindredcy with anyone going through the same thing. We had a great morning visit that was so encouraging for us, and we hope it was for them as well! Also, as you can see, JJ was quite interested in "Baaby" Etta and wanted touch her and give her kisses. It was so sweet, and encouraging, to see this...he really has taken such an interest in babies and is so sweet with them and other kids too...very affectionate!

As you can see, JJ continued to love the water, and is keeping Daddy more and more "on his toes" as he runs straight for the waves. I kept yelling for Jared to "get him" because with the beach empty and the vast ocean ahead, I just saw my son running right into oblivion...but the water was ankle/mid-calf deep for awhile and OF COURSE, Jared had it all under control and wouldn't let anything happen to JJ!

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Julie said...

fun pics, wish we were with you

Shauna and Ben said...

How fun! We made our first beach trip of the season yesterday (we hit 95 degrees.) It was glorious! Baby Etta reminds me of Tobi last summer at the beach...she made several beach trips when she was just a few weeks old. Glad you were able to spend time with friends as well.

Sarah K said...

wish we were there too!! i love the beach...(and you guys of course) jealous! anyway def want to see you when you come home...we don't have any plans that week so let me know! can't wait to see you! are you feeling better these days?? and are you in your 3rd yet?