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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trick or Treating with the Farr's

Jared was away all day on Halloween, so the Farr's helped us out by getting JJ ready and helping us get around for a little "trick or treating" that evening. I had no ideas for JJ, so Anita supplied his Eagles outfit--ISN'T IT GREAT THAT THEY LOVE THE EAGLES TOO??
As you can see, she had a little cheerleader, fireman and teddy bear...we were the most adorable bunch on the block--at least that's what we were told:)
As an aside, in the top left, we are all eating chocolate cupcakes with lots of icing, because we weren't sure if the trick-or-treat bags would gather enough sugar;)

You can see that JJ and Susie dressed alike as a little Eagles' player and his cheerleader:)
It's fun to think about her as his biggest fan down the road when he plays football
(Just so you know: I'm not sure he'll play and I don't think I want her to be an actual cheerleader-no offense cheerleaders;)
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Kristen said...

Love it, Love it, Love it!! Susie's outfit is so cute. She is turning into quite the little chunker. Well done sister!