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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My little helper...

While Jared was away, to pass the time, we swept up acorns?--I'm not sure what they are, but we have alot of them.
Last Saturday was incredibly gorgeous--actually the whole time Jared was gone was very nice weather--what a gift!!
JJ loves to watch mommy "'eep" and we kept making BIG piles so that he could help by putting them in the bucket.

In these two collages you can see when we were working with putting the piles in his dump truck (like they do in Barney-Cleanup) and then dumping the dump truck in the bucket. But when he refused to "drive" his truck and picked it up by the "dump" part effectively dumping everything along the driveway, refusing to let me show him, we went to just taking the pile from the dust pan to the bucket.

You can see the whole process a couple of times here and how much of the pile gets transferred to the truck;)...
Til we were done, he let me 'eep into the dust pan and got really good at transferring to the bucket...
seriously, my sweet, determined little helper:)

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1 comment:

Sara said...

Good job JJ! Mommy needs you to be the "man of the house" when Daddy is away . . .