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Thursday, November 5, 2009

PopPop and Nana Marie Visit-Epcot

We found out after my Dad and stepmom
(btw, hate this term, can you offer a better one--more personable?)
that she really wanted to visit Epcot--had never been and wanted to "check it out". After my Dad seemed to think it was too much money, I (respectfully;) told him that his wife didn't ask for much and he should take her there! Since it was the last day of their all-too-short visit, we decided we needed to go with them. JJ is still pretty young for it, but it was a great, full day! I had never been to any of the Disney parks, so all of this was a first for me too!

Some Epcot stepmom and I talked about how we had pictured it differently...sheepishly I say that I thought everything was in "the ball" since it's so big and the, it was different, but beautiful.
Can you tell which country is behind us in the bridge shots?

While we waited for Dad and Marie who were watching France's Circle Vision show, there was a man outside doing this stunt with the chairs. JJ kept saying "tall tower" and was mesmerized as he built it up. It was pretty amazing, culminating in his handstand on the bottle of wine.
Incidentally, the Circle Vision panaramic shows were my stepmom's favorite, exclaiming after the France one, "that was worth the WHOLE price of the ticket!" For those of you who haven't been to Epcot, there are 3 of these in Canada, China and France.
(I only got to see Canada as I was walking with the kids for France and had to leave in the middle of feeding Susie during "China" because there were no seats!--I'll know better next time)

Epcot/Disney Quiz: Can you figure out which countries/characters are featured in the collage below?

On our way out, I decided to check out "Innovations" where there was this big "Shape Sorter" (what I told JJ) that was supposed to teach what is needed in a "Disaster Relief Kit". He really loved putting all of the items in there place and then back on the was something fun and I was glad we stumbled upon it. Btw, the items they chose for the kit were: batteries, flashlight, pet food, a teddy bear, water, first aid kit

We were very tired and got lots of sun--it was record heat for Florida!! My legs couldn't move after I had walked around the whole lake (twice) once by myself so JJ could nap, but worth it.

FYI: Anyone thinking of visiting us, we were able to buy for Jared and myself (JJ is still free) a Disney seasonal weekday pass for Florida residents. It was the same price as two single day admissions, so WHEN you visit us, we'll be able to join you at any of the parks! (there are certain blackout days--Christmas/New Year's, end of March/early April and in the hot summer!)
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Kristen said...

I am so glad you all went to "Epicot" (as Cami says)and had so much fun, it is beautiful and highly entertaining and intriguing for people of all ages. That is why we went back a 2nd day and why we were so tired after each long day.