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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"The Breakers"...Ministry Update

I don't think I've shared on the blog yet that we were re-assigned to a new high school--University High School (UHS) shortly after Susie was born. It has been an incredible blessing to get plugged into the ministry there. Jared is a part of a team and we have been hosting a Bible Study on Monday nights for football players that Scott, the SV team leader at UHS, connected with when he did an outreach with the freshman football team a couple of years back.

Another great ministry opportunity there involves "the Breakers" which is the breakdance club at the school. Jared has been working with one of the college volunteers, Alex, who first connected with the group last year. There was an outreach shortly after we joined the team and Jared was able to be with Alex in the follow-up of some of the students. One student, John, prayed with Jared and Alex to receive Christ! He just attended the fall retreat last Saturday and Sunday along with 14 other University guys, Jared, Scott and Alex.

(As I write this, do you notice what is lacking in the ministry at UHS?? Girls being reached and discipled and women to lead them! I carry this burden in my heart, knowing that it must be measured with my primary calling in the home, but as I survey the ripe harvest of young people at UHS, my heart aches to see young women be reached as well! Pray for workers for this harvest!)

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