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Thursday, November 5, 2009

PopPop and Nana Marie visit & Brandon's Birthday

My Dad was quick to snatch up lil baby Susie and was also quick to tell her how special she was like her namesake. He loves babies and it was so fun to see him with her.

Nana Marie was great with both JJ and Susie. They both loved her as she cuddled with Susie and calmed her down when she was fussy and played trucks with was sweet:) (they did get spoiled, but that's ok when grandparents live far away;)

While they were here, our neighbor and Florida Family, Brandon, turned 3. His mom, Anita, wanted to do something special for his birthday. We went to this play center called "Amaya Papaya" and the kids LOVED IT! Here my Dad is showing the boys the was so sweet how Anita's kids (Brandon, Abby and JJ) all "took" to my Dad and Marie too. Since JJ shares everything with them and vice versa, it seemed "right" to share PopPop too! It was sweet as both Anita's and my Dad are "farmers" and her Dad (Grampa) passed away this summer, so we think my Dad reminded them of him:)

There was a PLAY chainsaw that Brandon, the Birthday boy, loved but so did his Princess sister Abby--you can see it tired her out (bottom right) and then for the JJ's--lil JJ loved being a policeman (so cute!) and big JJ (my JJ) loved the Jumper. It's great that his cousins have one in their playroom--so he will have lots of fun with them at Christmas!!
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