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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pop 'Pecial...

One of the sweetest things about my Dad's visit, was how JJ "took" to him. He looked up at him with wide-eyed wondered and respected and enjoyed him so much! We joke about how JJ looks and acts like my Dad and my Dad will show people one of his baby pictures to prove the point. It was sweet how they really were two "peas in a pod".

The title "Pop 'Pecial" came from the first day when JJ got up from his nap and left my lap to snuggle with PopPop and watch one of his favorites "God Made You Special" from VeggieTales. After this, he kept saying "Pop 'Pecial" and my Dad would say "You 'pecial JJ". This is just something my Dad would say to JJ anyway--it's things like this that he was always showering us kids yeah, this was pretty special for me as well:)

Don't you love it?

Smile and *sigh*...if only they weren't 1000 miles apart...
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