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Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Day...Great Friends. Great Time.

For Thanksgiving we were invited to our good friends', Ben and Carrie, house. It was a fun day as we joined our other friends Luke and Erin and Laura and Sean (all from church) for a thanksgiving spread full of good eats and great times!

Ben and Carrie working on the stuffing and turkey (gravy too?). It was their first turkey and they did great!
Laura and Erin (holding Susie)...
They had a slide out back and it was fast--so fast!!!
as you can see from the pictures with the blurrs!

Ella-Bella is Luke and Erin's youngest daughter...what a cutie!

Carrie holding Susie...she's definitely a surrogate auntie:)
The kids table...JJ has his pick, eh?
Kate and Shelby decided to play dress-up while we were waiting to eat!

"Romeo, Oh Romeo, where for art thou Romeo?"

"Don't worry, I'm comin' for ya!"
Notice the fast slide again...JJ's quite the blurr!
Shelby (Ben and Carrie's daughter) prefers to do everything with a bouquet of flowers:)
"Happy Thanksgiving everyone..."
"Little Turkey" do you see?
it wasn't the most feminine outfit...
Our first official attempt at a family pic...what do you think?
JJ wanted no part of the flowery bathtub...but the girls were lovin' it...
JJ was graced with a couple of stickers though!
Erin wants you to know that no alcohol was consumed that day, but there was one-too-many diet cokes!

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