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Monday, December 1, 2008

Sunday duds

I loved JJ in this SUPER cute preppy Sunday outfit! He got blessed with lots of clothes from Staci. Thanks! (Oh Sara, this is the Kangaroo you sent him for his birthday! He loves it...we keep it in the car as his "car lovie":-) Here he is in the Nursery!
Here is his buddy, Ella. JJ is surrounded by women in the Nursery and they LOVE HIM! Some times he gets a little overwhelmed, but it's fun!

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Sara said...

I love seeing the little ones dressed up in church duds:) So glad he loves the kangaroo(s) puppet. Zach cuddles with the teddy we got him for his first birthday too. Judah is surrounded by girls in nursery too. Too bad he and JJ can't keep each other company . . . lots of love to all of you!