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Monday, December 1, 2008

Saturday picnic (at the end of November!)

We had a really fun time playing on Saturday with my good friend and neighbor, Anita, and her kids: Brandon, Abby and JJ (do you believe the similarity in names??) She and her husband work with Wycliffe Bible Translators and are (currently) state side working out of their headquarters in Orlando (they live right around the corner and we've watched each other's kids many's so great!) We just love their kids and they love JJ! It's funny though, because their newest addition is also JJ and we haven't quite figured out how to call the 2 JJ's, so we say "my JJ" or "big JJ" and "your JJ" and "lil JJ". It's really neat...our connections (besides names). Anita's husband, Jamie, graduated from Messiah--where I went to college and Anita graduated from Bloomsburg, where Jared went!
Here's Abby with her she likes it. She doesn't want it up higher on her head, so she has to look at you like this!
Anita says she loves it when Brandon and Abby (only 6 mos. apart) play so nicely together. I think this is an adorable picture.
JJ wasn't so sure about the you can see! Brando and Abby loved JJ's lunch and didn't want their own! We couldn't figure out if it was because it was in the stroller tray or what, it was really funny though!

Anita is on the right feeding her JJ.

Can I just say "major cuteness!"

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