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Friday, December 5, 2008

Cutest little outfit

So it was a little cooler this morning, but not too bad. Jared couldn't find any lightweight pants for JJ so he put these long shorts on him, a long-sleeved shirt and then socks and robeez (knock-offs at Target--aren't they cute though??)

JJ's been doing this fake smile for's really cute, especially since Jared always used to smile a similar way when he was little!
This is the real smile!

There it is again...crooked and all!
He loves to stand on our (soft) bed and then PLUNK on his butt...


Sarah K said...

Hey Abby! When are you guys coming home? Will I get to see you at all? These are the cutest pictures...little kids are so cute in big clothes! And we have the same advent calendar...did you get yours at Byers Choice too? Anyway hopefully I'll actually see you soon and Noah and JJ can rekindle their friendship:)

Sara said...

This is the 4th or 5th time I've looked at these pictures and every time I miss you more JJ! I can't wait for you to come play with Owen and the twins. "Uncle" Joyce said Judah looks so much like you! We'll see when you guys are all together! I love you very much!

-Mama Sara