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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Elmo's World

JJ was so cute playing in the corner of our kitchen with all of those "classic toys", wooden spoons, paper towel rolls, old id cards, and a chair:)
The outfit was given to us when JJ was an infant by my dear friends, Lary and Mary, who I taught with in Massachusetts. It looked so big when we got it, it seemed like he would NEVER fit into it and here he is! when I turned around to look at JJ he was sitting in this plastic tub where I keep all of his kitchen was sooo cute!
this was actually him getting up to standing after sitting in the tub...

Wanna come join me, Mum Mum?

Jared thought maybe this should be our Christmas picture, what do you think??


janine said...

Oh, Abby, he is SUCH a cutie!! I know it can be sad to see them grow, but there's something really exciting about them becoming more independent, being able to hold conversations with them, and so on (trying to be positive!). I didn't even go through the "baby stage" but there are times I mourn the "little kid"/needing-Mami-a-lot time! ;)

Really, though, he is absolutely adorable and I hope it's not too long until we can meet him! Shouldn't you have some kind of Campus Crusade training or something in SLC?? ;)

Sarah K said...

Def a good Christmas picture...although you guys aren't in it! Ha! You should all get in that little tub:) Anyway yes the 22nd is great..have you talked to Jess? Oh and I posted the recipe under the picture of Caleb eating!