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Friday, December 5, 2008

Our Christmas Decorations

Here is a snippet of our "little bit of Christmas" since we are travelling home for a good bit of the Christmas season and not being sure how JJ would do with a full tree, we opted for a couple "decorated areas"...
Here's our fireplace with the stockings, do you like it?
Here's our little tree that JJ really likes, but can't reach unless I hold him. He likes to touch the is very sweet.
There is also our Advent Calendar where we are putting a sheet with Old Testament, New Testament and Gospel readings and trying to do the Gospel one as a family (with a little piece of candy to occupy JJ while we read:)
I'm excited to be in colder weather (can you believe it) with all of the "full" decorations at the houses where we'll stay when we're home...but I am glad that I got motivated enough in the warmer weather to put these decorations up!

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