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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Prayers for JJ

Hey all,

I wanted to let you know about our sweet JJ. He started breathing consistently poorly (some of you know that he was diagnosed with reactive airways along with his reflux when he was 2 months old). We made it through the night (it was a rough one) and got him to the doctor this morning. It's so great because they have walk-in hours 7:30-9am M-F. He was wheezing badly, but HATES the doctor right now, so we weren't able to give him a breathing treatment there because of the hysterical crying. He is on oral steroids, double his regular steroid inhaler, nebulizer every 4 hours. Hopefully his breathing is better by the evening, otherwise the doctor said he might need to go to the hospital overnight for observation...

Please pray that his breathing improves by this evening. We've delayed our trip home to PA by a day (leaving early Friday, instead of Thursday) and that he gets a good report at the doctor's tomorrow am. Pray that we could leave early Friday and be home on Saturday. Thanks:)

1 comment:

Julie said...

Zach and I just prayed for precious little JJ! Keep us updated