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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another Update on JJ, Jared's aunt and Abby's sister...

As my mother always used to say: "(there's) never a dull moment," or "it's always something" or "when it rains it pours". While we continue to uphold the goodness of the Lord ALL THE TIME, it has truly been amazing the amount of difficulties that have touched both of our families since we moved here in August. Losing two grandmothers, surgeries for Jared's Dad, our sister-in-law Maribel,

Jared's aunt, Linda, just being diagnosed with stage 3 lymphoma (please pray for her as she is preparing to begin chemotherapy as soon as possible),
My sister, Linea, who will also be having surgery tomorrow am (Friday, 19th, 7:30am). She has a mass on her ovary that the doctor's very much believe seems benign, but they will do a biopsy when they remove it (along with the ovary). Pray for her recovery--that it will be speedy and that she can enjoy Christmas and also, certainly, that this mass would be confirmed as benign.
We had another eventful day with our precious son, JJ. It wasn't as eventful as last night in the ER, but it was still difficult. He continued to be doing better but somewhat worsened by the time that we saw the pediatrician in the afternoon. He wanted us to come back to evaluate JJ at this point. The doctor said that he continued to be wheezing badly and so we gave him a breathing treatment there. He was so good to cooperate even though he has begun to HATE the doctor! The doctor was concerned about our traveling at this time, and while he didn't tell us NOT to travel, he did say that we MUST be able to give him the breathing treatments while we travel home. He also ordered a chest x-ray to rule out pnuemonia (which it did, thankfully). Bottom line, the doctor helped us realize is that, at this point, JJ has not grown out of his breathing condition and we have to be extremely pro-active and diligent in treating it. As you can imagine, it is quite taxing and emotional on top of trying to prepare for a long trip home (which we have been so excited for, but we do carry some anxiety with all that's been happening with JJ). So, would you please pray:

That JJ would fully heal and NOT worsen in his breathing.
That we would have the strength and even a good time as we travel home (along with protection).
That we wouldn't be stressed out as we pack and prepare and be flexible with our leaving time tomorrow am. (Our goal was 5am, we changed it to 6am and now we are just going to "play it by ear")
WOULD YOU ALSO JOIN US IN PRAYING FOR COMPLETE HEALING OF JJ'S BREATHING DIFFICULTIES? I have been re-convicted of not continually seeking the Lord and believing Him for this.
With continued thankfulness for your partnership with us,

Jared, Abby and JJ

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Sarah K said...

Hey Abby!! Great seeing you the other day! Just wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! I hope JJ is fully recovered and that you guys can really enjoy visiting family these next couple days!