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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Student Venture Christmas party and 12 days of Christmas

"LaLa", Gloria, from our team...(she's great with high school students:) It is seriously so hard for me to NOT want a little girl when I see these adorable clothes!
Her big sister, Grace, and Kristie who is training me as a mom in Student Venture.
Here are Jared and Scott getting ready for their "12 days of Christmas" skit. I hope it gets uploaded to Youtube, if it does, I will post the funny, but JJ was crying all during it because he saw Jared and couldn't get to him because he was doing the skit...
Here are our landlords, Tom and Joy (who run Global Venture--which organizes the projects like Speakout) , who had just returned from Africa. The National Directors, Daryl and Gwen Smith, were supposed to be with them, but they weren't able to go and so Tom and Joy returned with these African outfits for them.


Scott and Kaye Birdsell said...

And when/if you have your little girl we'll have LOTS of pink for you to use!

Julie said...

I am with you in wanting a girl just so I can dress her... the clothes are much better... Zach said it would be cheaper for him to buy me a doll.

And JJ is looking much older. It is true, in his face too... cute as ever and I love the pics below where he is making the "o" face... the standard JJ look, love it