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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

JJ's 2nd Birthday Party

We had a really great 2nd birthday party for JJ at the clubhouse and pool in our neighborhood. For a (fairly) minimal fee you can reserve the clubhouse which includes use of the pool for you and all of your guests (it is a really nice size and there's a kiddy pool too!), the kitchen and clubhouse area with a really neat wrap-around porch and bathrooms. It was a great place to have the party and we are really glad that we did it. Besides being JJ's party, it was a really great way to celebrate being here a year and all of the amazing friends the Lord has given us!

Below: (top left) Shannon and Jeremy (our directors), "Buddy Ak" or Alex--one of the college volunteers, Jared and JJ. (top right) church friends Carrie, Mary, Erin and Ben with Kate, Ella and Shelby in front. (sorry quality stinks--thankfully we got a new camera tonight and I am excited for better pictures!) (bottom ) Shannon and Jeremy's baby "Dake!", JJ playing with the trucks "Buddy Ak" got him and Noah. He's one of JJ's only boy playmates down here that's his age (6 weeks older than JJ). His mom, Vonda, partially pictured to the right was our support coach when we were preparing for STINT in Hungary and then she led a Spring Break trip while we were there. It's been so great to live here and have her friendship. She just had a baby girl at the end of April, so we have alot of similarities!

Here we are with JJ's cake! It was a SUPER EASY ice cream sandwich cake that I got from my friend Sarah . It was a HUGE hit and was a great way to cap off a really fun time! Thanks Sarah!
(Incidentally, JJ wanted nothing to do with the candles on his cake...he must have remembered burning his finger on his birthday...I guess that's kind of a good thing??)

The whole day was very worth it, but I have to confess dreading the day before it happened...I felt like I had no energy for it between being in the heat for hours, on my feet, carrying way too many things, etc. It was pretty exhausting! But, I couldn't have done it without the help of my amazing, supportive husband who finished the pasta salad, did almost all of the 2nd ice cream cake and got alot of the stuff we needed at BJ's with JJ! that morning...seriously, how amazing is that??!!

I was very glad when it was over as everything hurt and I was contracting from dehydration, etc. I did wonder if we made the right choice, but this is certainly something I have to accept about when the Lord has brought us babies. What I mean is 2 years ago was Jared's 30th birthday and I was 37 weeks pregnant at the party we had for him. Last year I wasn't pregnant, but we had a big 1st birthday party for JJ in August just before we moved. (I think the weather was great though...not like Florida) and this year I was 36 weeks pregnant at JJ's 2nd birthday...well, thankfully, whatever we do for both kids next year--I won't be pregnant!

Thankfully, it was my last "big thing" before Susie comes...and yes, I will say it again, it was really worth it:)

We love you! our Big Boy 2 year-old!
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Julie said...

happy 2nd birthday JJ...we miss you!

Shauna and Ben said...

Looks like a fun day! What a good mama to do all that work being great with child. Good thing for good husbands, too! Glad it was a great day. Now just relax, as much as're almost there!!!!

Sara said...

ooh, wish we could have come. Glad JJ got his "tain-tack" today! Miss you oodles and oodles!