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Monday, September 28, 2009

Hospital Visits and Coming Home

I told my friends here to visit me at the hospital, because if I didn't have any visitors, I would just miss all of my friends and family at home that couldn't come to visit. And they didn't disappoint, especially the little ones!!

Top left: Abby (Anita's girl) is just so taken with Susie. I think she could hold her for hours!
Top center: Shelby, from church, was also quite taken with Susie:)
Top right: "Dake!" Jeremy and Shannon's baby boy! He's getting big! He didn't quite get Susie, but it was great to see him!
Bottom left: "Auntie (Sh)annon" quickly came to love our Susie
Bottom center: "Uncle Deremy" (Jeremy)...we think he will just love a baby girl himself! Hopefully soon!
Bottom right: My friend Christina from church with her baby girl Calista who will be having playdates with Susie soon!

Here is JJ at the hospital with his beloved Sister...who he "holds" but suddenly is ready to be done! (a little scary)
Susie coming home from the hospital--I just love to see the little ones dwarfed by their car seats:)
And the others are some from her first day her'll see lots of these:)
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