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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Baby Update

It occurred to me that I haven't been updating about baby Susie on the blog. Sorry about that!

Due date is September 25th.

Update: Warning: may be TMI for male visitors to this blog! At 35 weeks I had already started to dilate (1-2cm). I have steadily progressed the last 3 weeks. Today I had another appointment and was checked again and am up to 4cm, 70% effaced and -1 station. So baby has dropped and I am quite dilated for not being in labor!

I am really thankful that I made it this far, because I was afraid of pre-term labor when I started to dilate 3 weeks ago. I am now almost 38 weeks (Friday will be) so I feel great about the baby coming any time. We were able to get alot done over the weekend and I feel in a good place with our home for the baby! I had my second shower from church friends last night (a big goal to get through), yeah, any day before baby is just finishing thank you's and getting the space we have for Susie ready, washing clothes...but it can all happen after too:)

It seems like it would be quick, but JJ certainly wasn't...could you just pray that we can get to the hospital in a good time when it comes and that we will just trust the Lord for the perfect timing and give Him all the glory!

I will certainly update the blog ASAP when she's here!


Julie said...

praying for you and cannot wait to meet Susie!!! Hugs dear friend. What kind of camera did you get? Did you know that me and the boys are coming back to America in Nov/Dec and we are going to go to Disney with my dad... I would love to see if you if we make it down there!!!!

TarynFlagg said...

I'm eagerly awaiting an update announcing the arrival of Susie (partially because I need a good distraction at work and mostly because we're SO excited for all of you!)

We're praying that things go well for you and Susie's arrival is fast and smooth.