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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Camera Pictures...the Past Week

Here are a couple of collages using the new camera. We haven't figured out how to use it the best yet...especially for indoor lighting, but they are still ok, don't you think?

JJ has picked a wonderful time to really mature and be able to entertain himself very well:) The other morning he was just incredibly entertained for a couple of hours with this box. He put himself and his blankie and lots of his cars and trucks, etc. in there with him. It was fun to watch...and in the meantime I was able to sort lots of clothes and do laundry, etc. Top right is JJ admiring his sweet new Thomas Train Tracks...he will be very entertained with these for sure:)

Here is a sweet picture of our special buddies and one of my surrogate sisters down here. Jake and his mama Shannon. JJ just loves Jake and Jake is really starting to notice JJ and I think he is starting to want to move around after him. It is really sweet to see them interact and for Jared and I, we just love chubby Jake and he reminds us much of our chubby JJ that has transformed into a stretched toddler oh-so-quickly!
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Sarah K said...

Hope all is going well with you Abby!! So exciting that you're so close and even so far dialated! We'll be praying!!! Can't wait to see pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!