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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Susie's Birth Story

My great doctor, Doctor Merritt. I love her!!
Do you think they like each other?? I do!
Epidural smile:)

I wanted to share the details of Susie's birth with all of you, and also, to have it written for my own memories:)

As you know, I was already about halfway dilated and so everyone told me (doctors, nurses, etc.) to get to the hospital right away if anything happened, even if it seemed little. So, early Friday morning (4-5am) I had some sharper back pain than I'd been having and after waiting until we were up, I evaluated a little further and decided to have Jared take me to the hospital.

We dropped JJ off at my dear friend Anita's (who watched JJ the whole time in the hospital except for breaks when Jared would be with him--She is the BEST!!!) around 8 am. We were at the hospital about 8:45 am. I went to triage where I was evaluated. I was still dilated the same and the first nurse who checked me gave me only 50% effacement (the doctor had given me 70% a week and a half earlier, so I think she was quite conservative.) I was contracting but not very strong (though the back pain was significant) and irregularly. The possibility of going home was brought up and I told Jared I would just cry if that happened. After it seemed like that was what we would do:( Jared prayed that we could stay and I wouldn't have to be in this waiting/limbo any longer. Soon after this, my doctor came in saying that she was talking to her colleague and just knew she wasn't supposed to send me home! (how's that for an answer to prayer?!) She said she knew she'd regret it all weekend and knowing I had a little one at home and child care already taken care of (she has little ones herself and is very empathetic) and confirming I was indeed 5 cm and 70% effaced she said, "Let's have a baby today!"

It was 11:30 until I went up to the labor & delivery floor. I was contracting less (but also hadn't been walking). I started to walk around the floor and then was given the most minimal amount of pitocin. Contractions then began every 2 minutes and my doctor broke my water. I hadn't dilated any further but was effacing more. The contractions were getting stronger and while I could still manage them, I decided to ask for the epidural. I knew it would just get more painful and I didn't need to wait until I couldn't breath through them. I got the epidural before 2. I think I was checked 3 times before 3pm and still hadn't dilated further. With JJ, I went from 5-10 cm in a little over an hour after I got the epidural, so I just hoped it would go quicker at some point.

My pitocin was slightly increased and I started to feel the contractions through the epidural. I was moving from my left to right side and started to feel some pretty strong pain in my lower right side. The nurse asked me if I felt like I had to push and I didn't think so. With JJ I never felt this because the epidural was too strong and I think I pushed for a long time (4 hours!) with alot of it not being effective because the timing was off. So when I could feel these contractions well enough to push, there was an anesthesiologist who asked me if I wanted more epidural so I didn't feel them so much. I said that I liked feeling them so that I could push, but the nurse decided to check me (it was 4:35pm) because if I was only 5cm still, I should get more epidural medicine and then decrease it to push. When she checked me, I was complete! I had been feeling the urge to push!

So, since it was my second and would go more quickly, we had to wait for the doctor who had gone home. So for half an hour I kept having to fight the urge to push. Susie could have been born 1/2 hour earlier, at least. When the doctor came at 5:15pm and I started to push shortly after, Susie was born 10-15 minutes later!

I was so elated at how quickly and beautifully this all went. Jared and I saw the Lord answer every prayer concerning this labor & delivery and He grew our heart to trust Him. I don't want to forget that as it was a precious place to be!

Hope you enjoyed hearing the story!!!

p.s. more pictures to come soon...I must sleep now though as I am heading into nighttime feedings:) We are doing amazingly at home and Susie is just precious beyond belief!


Julie said...

okay question for you... how do you look so beautiful after just giving birth? Beautiful!!!!! Love that picture of Jared and Susie...and I loved hearing your story... praying for your sleep!!!

Shauna and Ben said...

Oh, thanks for sharing! I love hearing birth stories...especially ones where God's hand is so evident! So glad you and baby are doing well! Praise God!

Sarah K said...

i agree that you look great for giving birth! and sounds like everything went as well as it could have! praise God for giving doctors wisdom in medicine (epidurals) right??!!!! anyway congrats again and enjoy her!