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Monday, September 28, 2009

Family Days...Coming Home

Here are some precious Susie shots along with Mommy and Daddy and of course JJ "loving on" the newest member of the family.

My friend Erin came to visit from church with her girls, Kate and Ella (top center) who had fun playing with JJ...Jared, JJ and I cuddling with our Susie Cusie:)

Below, some cute outfit pictures...seriously, HOW MANY CUTE THINGS there are for girls!!! As you can see, she's quite an alert little girl!
Top left: Daddy's morning time with both kids...he actually took a walk with the two of them the other morning...he put Susie in the Baby's been fun to watch!
Bottom left: No sweeter thing than cuddling with her after I feed her!
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