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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Church Baby Shower at the Olive Garden

My small group friends threw me this shower a week ago at the Olive Garden. It was a sweet time and I felt so loved and celebrated along with this dear baby girl that we are about to meet so soon!
Below are:
Top left: Neighbors Pat and Anita. Top right: Kori and Renee (neighbors to each other and in our sub-division)
Bottom left: Christina and one of Susie's future playmates, Calista, myself and Carrie (small group buddy--really planned alot of the shower!--THANKS!)
Bottom center: Debbie, Betsy and Mary from church--love these beautiful ladies!
Bottom right: Erin (also small group--helped Carrie alot) and Laura (small group AND TOOK THESE PICTURES--THANK YOU!)

You can see myself, Carrie, Kori and Renee beautifully displaying some of our entree selections...YUM!!

Here is the cake that Erin got...isn't is so sweet! (no pun attended:) THANKS ERIN! It incorporated sweet girl colors and the bear theme that goes with the neutral "Dream Teddy" nursery bedding we used with JJ and will use with Susie (I love it!)

Again, we marvel at the sweet, special friendships we have. I know that I miss so deeply my friends and family up north, but God has indeed provided and I hope that that blesses you who are far away from us as we miss each other.

p.s. I'm hoping the next post is a
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