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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Baby Update

Hey Everybody,

I figured I'd post an update on here about "baby status". It has been a crazy ride so far...strangely calm yet crazy. I am about halfway dilated (possibly more), etc. without having really any labor...nothing consistent. Some lower back pain off and on which can be uncomfortable, but I can take tylenol before bed and put some heat on it and sleep reasonably well! (except that JJ isn't sleeping well which makes us think he has a sense of something big coming soon! and has molars coming in too...)

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and she suggested inducing on Monday morning if I haven't gone into full blown labor by then. I felt like that would be a good decision and Jared agreed. She told me to lay low and have someone close because as soon as anything definitive happens, (water breaks, even 1 strong contraction) I am to go right to the hospital. Even for them, my situation is a little odd...she even said to not worry even if it ends up being a crazy ride to the hospital (i.e. the baby seems ready to come out on the way!) because those babies do well...I am showing no complications, etc. It's a much more encouraging situation than someone who could be in the hospital not dilating, etc. So, that was sweet of her to say.

I am working with a practice and feel really great about the woman doctor that's on call this weekend and then this doctor that will induce on Monday morning (possibly just break my water--that may be all I need) who I've seen for the last 2 appointments.

So, that's where things are will hear no later than Monday (I go in at 4am), or possibly Tuesday depending on how the day goes, about this baby girl!

Thank you all, too, for praying. I really "feel" it. I can honestly say after wavering and doubting myself that I feel such a peace about hopefully having labor come naturally(you can certainly pray for this--and that we can get to the hospital in good time, etc.), but if not, that the Lord has placed Monday as the induction option at just the right time.

I know that this is in His hands--Jared and I both feel a great peace. This life is His and He will bring her safely here to us...(she just kicked as affirmation of what I'm writing)...I also think this is such a special time to grow closer with Jared, JJ and I. I remember how special (though hard) it was to go through labor with JJ with Jared as such an amazing close I felt to him...and even though these days aren't traditional labor, they are sort of similar and most likely, the hospital element will be shorter (much shorter?) but I am considering this whole waiting time, etc. as that labor bonding. And it is sweet.

We just want to continue to give God the Glory for every element of this and to express how thankful we are for some many loved ones who are praying for us and supporting us so deeply. Again, words cannot express the blessings that we feel and know in these days.

With love to all,

Abby, Jared, JJ and our little soon-to-come Susie:)

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Julie said...

I cannot wait to meet your baby girl... and did you know I had a quiet time the other morning and I pulled up your site just so that I could listen to your song list :) Thanks for blessing me. I miss you!