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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Surprise Shower

My beautiful teammates (as you can see pictured below) had a surprise shower. It was an incredibly special time and I am so blessed to have them! I didn't think I'd be surprised this time around, but I was and it was fun!
Left to right: Laurie, Kristie (my mommy mentor:), Kaye, Me, Shannon and Jeannine
Opening up's fun to be getting pink things:)
Kaye has 3 girls and had the idea to decorate letters for Susie as she has done with her girls. Since there were five of them, each one took a letter. On the back, Kaye had them come with a Bible verse for Susie that they wrote on the back. This is what the final project looked like.

Here's my first belly shot since I was very early along...everything else is just candids. I'm glad that we took this one:)
As I said, it was a beautiful time...We also had a party for JJ with his friends here on Saturday...between these things, we marvel at how blessed we are to have been given so many wonderful friends in just one year!


Sarah K said...

Hey Abby! Great pictures! So fun you got a shower with your 2nd!! You're looking great!

As for kid advice in your last post...let's see...not that I have much to offer but -
~ spanking - I wouldn't be too worried about the hitting himself thing esp if you just started it...I can't say either of our boys ever did that specifically but I have seen them "spank" their animals on occasion with a rod when the animals apparently disobey. If it becomes a big pattern and he seems to really not be getting why you are spanking him, then maybe think about it more, but I wouldn't worry about it yet I don't think.

~eating - We also go with the "eat as many bites as you are old" thing but don't stick to that rigidly. We basically think of it as a "thank you bite" and as they get older they should be able to eat more of things they don't like. But I don't like to eat a lot of things I don't like so we try to empathize with them somewhat as well. I always try to have at least one thing out that they really like (applesauce, bread) and so they can eat as much of that as they want as long as they are eating a little bit of whatever else I make. I remember going through this whole issue with Caleb was 2 and asking a bunch of friends what to do....we also were considering spanking for not eating and have had friends that do...we decided not to make eating a spanking issue but they can't get down until they at least try one bite of everything and can't have dessert either. We've definitely had one major battle with each kid around 15 months but since then they've both been great. Obviously they don't love all foods but they'll eat it. And I also try to in general make things that we all like vs. making them eat things they hate.

Anyway - don't know if that helps but I completely remember going through those same questions when Caleb was little and always appreciated someone who would give me some answers...hopefully if nothing else, to encourage you that you'll get through it and work it all out eventually:)

Take care Abby!!

Sara said...

So great for you to be surprised and I absolutely LOVE the letters! Miss you, but so glad you have so many people down there . . .

Amy said...

great photos ~ you look beautiful :) you need to email me your snail mail address so that i can send you a little surprise :)