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Sunday, August 2, 2009

JJ...the Baller

Well, it's becoming quite apparent that the whole "baller" idea with JJ is "no joke". As you can see he looks like quite the little athletic one in his Adidas basketball outfit. As a bonus you get to see me in my preggo belly which is also "no joke" at this point...

JJ has his own "oop" to "doot" the ball in now thanks to his friend Shelby, from church, letting him borrow it! We are so glad to have it and he goes out for a few minutes each day and practices shooting:) I went out with him just today and was amazed at how good he's become at shooting it in there from various angles...seriously, he just wants to get it like nothing else!

So Jared and I have already talked about not being "those parents" who push things on their you all can keep us accountable in the years to come that we just let him "be JJ".
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TarynFlagg said...

I can totally understand being "that" parent who pushes their kids. As someone who is obsessively competitive I'll need to be careful to not try to live vicariously through Abby and Emily :) I really am looking forward to watching them play sports and I can't wait to go for runs with them and play basketball and ski!