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Sunday, August 2, 2009


These were the only pictures that I got at CSU for myself. That was pretty indicative of how, when my battery ran out on my camera, I was too tired to re-charge it and think about more pictures...though, if I had, I would have gotten JJ with his new friend, Trenton, and our new friends, Alan and Stephanie, and JJ's Kids' Care place with his "teachers" especially Amy who he really came to love by the end...Hopefully I will post some pictures on here from facebook of all of these neat people.

Now, on to what I DO have...below, is JJ in the "choo, choo" with his Daddy. This was quite fun for him to ride. He was just taking it all in. In the top left picture you can see a smaller, bright-colored train that kids could ride by themselves. We didn't try him there but I'm curious how he would have done...(side note, bottom center is JJ with his "plane buddy" Cannon who he sat behind on the way out to was a great entertainment until they both konked out in the last 45 minutes or so of the flight:)

...however, considering that JJ, while seated in bottom left in the car, did not actually ride this ride because he was too scared of being by himself (or with a friend from church later), I don't think he was quite ready to go it without Daddy on these rides.
I don't blame him with these cars, because they moved around pretty fast! In the top left in the front seat of the car are Grace (not quite 2) and Gloria (19 months) from our team who rode the ride together. Some brave girls!

I think these pictures are just adorable! JJ rode on a horse (with Daddy's you can see, he wasn't too steady) and really did great. I don't think he would have done it without Daddy, but thankfully Daddy could walk right with him. It was sort of a "live carousel" with the horses attached around a center ring by chains.

My friend Erin from church planned this Carnival and I think she did a great job! Go Erin!!
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