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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Staff Retreat

(Julie, or anyone can you help me? My pictures aren't showing up--only http's. I think I hit something and I can't find where to change it. Thankfully, it posts ok!)

Here are a few random pictures from our Staff Retreat.

Top left and bottom center are JJ with his buddy Jake. It's fun since Jake is older, that they can interact a little more. Jake reminds us of JJ when he was a CHUNKY!!!

Top right is JJ on the bed in the house where we stayed with Gloria. She is one of the three girls of Scott and Kaye on our team...We stayed in a house with them and it was one of the highlights of the retreat to be able to spend time after meetings and in the mornings with them.

Bottom left is Jake with his Dad, Jeremy, our director. Jeremy was really tired and had "sacked out" on the couch while we were all talking. His mom, Shannon, gave him to Jeremy to hold and Jeremy briefly woke up only to fall back asleep and Jake was still hanging out on Jeremy, thinking "Dada, whatcha doin'? Why aren't your eyes open??"

Bottom right are Jared and JJ "pretending" to blow out candles on their joint cake--the same one I made for Jared's birthday that we celebrated during Bible Study (previous post). It was a hit at the Retreat too!

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hey abby...not sure what you are talking about since you have your pictures there... hmmm