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Sunday, August 2, 2009

CSU Photo Overview

Well, since the only photos that I got at CSU were of the Carnival on the first night, I decided to see if I could find some on the internet to give you a picture of where we spent the 10 days in late July '09.

CSU: Colorado State University

This is actually a really good view of the mountains that we saw just outside of the dorm where we stayed. (just looked longingly at them this time...INTEND to hike them next time!) This is probably the best view of what we experienced. All of the main sessions were held in Moby Arena. There were thousands of fellow staff from all over the U.S. in all sorts of ministries who we worshipped with and were encouraged truly was special to be with so many linked by a common calling--something that all of us have sacrificed for and believed the Lord to do. From those who just joined staff to those on staff 50+ years, it truly was a life-giving time of refreshing that we don't want to come home and forget...

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