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Friday, August 14, 2009

"Never a Dull Moment..."

You may recognize this as a hospital bracelet with my name on it!...

Two nights ago (Wednesday night) found me without sleep throwing up every 1/2 hour and it was diagnosis was food poisoning:( That was what I thought...thankfully it was a leftover (I think) that only I had so my dear J's did not get it too, then, I really don't know what I would have done!

At one point in the night Jared wanted to take me to the ER considering I am 8+ months pregnant! but I wanted to try to make it until morning...hoping it would all stop or at least, we wouldn't have to wake JJ up and I wouldn't have to be throwing up in an ER waiting room but rather, in the "comfort" of my own home...

So when about 6am rolled around and it was coming out both ends (I know-GROSS!), I finally gave in and said we needed to get to a hospital. I started to worry it was Sao Manila poisoning and What would that do to the baby!!?? I texted one of my friends, Carrie, to see which ER/Urgent Care she thought I should go to and she said I should go to Winnie Palmer Hospital because I am pregnant. This is where I will deliver Susie and I had already pre-registered there! I am so thankful she suggested it because I wouldn't have thought of there first myself! After dropping JJ off at my friend/surrogate sister, Anita's house, we were at the hospital at about 7:30am. They were able to see us quickly, not before I threw up and "went" in their bathroom. I was quickly assessed and the doctor on call from my ob's office (another blessing, since it's where they deliver, the doctor is right there, on call and the nurses know them too!) gave orders for an IV for hydration to be poured into me (really quickly given) with anti-nausea medicine which made me feel better instantly. After that, I was given a 4 hour 2nd IV with more anti-nausea meds. The nurse was concerned because I was contracting so much when I was first hooked up. The baby's heart rate was fine (a little high to start, but calmed quickly), but I was having pretty good contractions every 2 minutes...I honestly wasn't worried I would go into labor...perhaps if I hadn't gone to the hospital and had gotten even more dehydrated at home...I think these were Braxton-Hicks brought on from dehydration, but still shouldn't be played around with.

Well, for as horrible of a thing as it was, I saw so many blessings. We got to do a "dry run" to the new hospital where I'll deliver. I have great friends here like Carrie and Anita who helped immensely in their different roles. I was given such great care with a wonderful nurse, Sylvia, who loves the Lord and was just so caring and wonderful. Jared was able to hear our baby girl's heartbeat as he hasn't since very early on, if at all in this pregnancy. And, of course, just sensing the Lord's peace that the baby was fine and He would take care of us, was such a blessing.

I was able to eat bland foods when I got home in the afternoon and have mostly had bland foods today with some soup and I'm working up. I was able to get good rest yesterday and most of today, which is important as we have our staff retreat that we leave for tomorrow.

This pregnancy has been interesting with lots of "bumps" I didn't have with JJ--I wonder if it's an indication of how this girl is going to keep us on our toes?? or maybe just lots of learning to trust and let go and concentrate on what's most important--and not stress about everything that I can't get done because I keep getting sick...

So, as my title says and my mother would say there's "never a dull moment" especially in this pregnancy for me, and "when it rains, it pours" but also, Abby, "this too shall pass." I can hear her say--priceless wisdom and the reminder of so many moms, friends, sisters, etc. who have had their share of adventures in this great homespun journey of mothering and well, just life.


Shauna and Ben said...

So glad you (and Susie) are doing better! Nothing like a little food poisoning to shake up your oh so dull 8+ month pregnant life right now!!! Yikes! Let's keep it a little more boring for the last few weeks here...okay? Glad you are ok....and finding blessings and good reminders in the midst of it all.

js said...

and i though my cold that won't go away was bad- i'm sooo glad you're feeling better! stay rested, dear! -judith ann

Julie said...

praise God you are okay... hugs and love dear friend. We were just at our staff retreat and we prayed for you all and prayed that we would see you here at a staff retreat in the near future!!!!

and can I just say that is awesome about JJ saying a sentence! Go JJ!!! And of course it is about a ball :) Jasper doesn't say ball but labda. He knows lots of both Hungarian and English words and understands in both languages but isn't saying sentences yet. So fun!