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Thursday, August 6, 2009

"You are my witnesses..."

Being Joyful Witnesses

To speak about Jesus and his divine work of salvation shouldn't be a burden or a heavy obligation. When we go to people feeling that unless they accept our way of knowing Jesus, they are lost and we are failures, it is hardly possible to be true witnesses.

It is a great joy when people recognise through our witness that Jesus is the divine redeemer who opened for them the way to God. It is a true cause for gratitude and celebration. But we should also be able to live joyful and grateful lives when our witness with deeds and words does not lead people to accept Jesus in the way we do.

I'm finding again that I want to re-claim that "joy of my salvation" that flows out spontaneously...this makes me think of "the Great Divorce" by C.S. Lewis and the lady who comes to her husband who hasn't come to Christ. She speaks with a compassion to him of the joy she knows and he keeps wanting to pull her into his dwarfed colorless world...observing this, C.S. Lewis as narrator cannot believe that he isn't changed, but is also taken when the woman sees the impass that remains between them and is compelled onward in the unspeakable joy of the Heaven and God that she knows...

Obviously, the tears are not all dried here and hearts that burn for the lost are so needed and so rare these days...but just as in any relationship, to let a hallmark of salvation, our joy, be robbed because we do not see these ones come to Jesus is not God's Best for us. I think as witnesses of the Good News we can't help but be so overflowing with the hope and beauty of this message that it overpowers all other things...

One of the recent connections in Global Media Outreach is a young woman from Colombia who I've been able to share the gospel with as she has shared her desire to be "special", to be able to rise above the hate in her world and just the honest searching of one who longs for relationship with the Lord...please pray for this woman who the Lord knows by name and prayerfully will be "His Own" soon.

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