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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vintage JJ (video included!)

I came to the living room from the kitchen and saw cute! I had to take a picture. I think he's hiding out until Daddy, aka #1 Play Buddy comes home!
Tonight at dinner, we decided to just let JJ have at the spaghetti! It was so funny (and reminiscent of his 1st B-day cake!) and he really did eat some (though I found A LOT in his bib)...
I was really proud of Jared for going along with this, as he's the one that's more "conservative" with JJ & messes:-)

This is our back porch and the riding toy that my sister gave us. Jared, being the creative Dad that he is, decided to start throwing JJ the ball while he was sitting on this to see if he could catch it! Here he is just after a catch...

Watch our "Future Baller" in action!

1 comment:

Julie said...

so fun watching him with the ball... we miss him and the ball!!! Eli and Jasper watched the video and loved it.... Eli is wondering when JJ is coming over to play.... so when is he?