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Friday, October 24, 2008

Love Dare: Days 7&8

Again, I invite you to go to Chelle's blog to read a synopsis of the last 2 days of the Love Dare.

Day 7: Love believes the BEST
Day 8: Love is NOT Jealous

Day 7 "dare" was:
For Today's Dare, get two sheets of paper. On the first one, spend a few minutes writing out positive things about your spouse. Then do the same with negative things on the second piece. Place both sheets in a secret place for another day. There is a different purpose and plan for each. At some point during the remainder of the day, pick a positive attribute from the first list and thank your spouse for having this characteristic.

I will copy the personal reflections that I commented on at Chelle's Blog.
(How it is working is those who are participating are commenting on how the Love Dare has been going for them personally. It's been neat for me to read what others have been writing. One of the women is actually doing the Dare(s) for her son. And she has also done some of them with all of her children with whom she has had strained is really amazing how God is working!!) Ok, so here's some of my personal reflections:

Yesterday's Followup: Which list was easier to make? What did this reveal about your thoughts? What attribute did you thank your spouse (child) for having?

This dare reminded me of when my parents were at their worst and the counselor, by God's grace and through MUCH prayer, they decided to go see...he asked them to make lists of only positive things about the other. My Dad shared how that was HARD which surprised me because I thought my mom was the one with all of the resentment...I think the counselor said 20 things for both of took work for them, but it was the beginning of a serious softening and major healing before my mom went home to be with the Lord...

Personally, I had a much harder time with the negative list...not because I can't think of anything, but because I'd already written the positives, then the negatives seemed so petty and I felt this weight inside like this is a "yucky" heart that would think/dwell upon these things. I was ready to burn it last night!! I think that's a good thing...

Again, I hope you check it out and seriously consider doing "the Love Dare" yourself. It would be great for a small group, and to offer to anyone who is really struggling in a relationship. We are praying about how we can pass this along and challenge others in it.

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