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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Central Florida Zoo

We had a great family day last Saturday and tried out the Central Florida Zoo. It is only about 30 minutes from us and is a great's one of those places that would get overlooked because Disney is so close. But it is a much cheaper and simpler, non-nap-skipping alternative. We thought it was so good that we got a season pass!

JJ making his "let's play" face...the funniest thing!JOY-OF-LIFE!!

It took him a little while to "notice" the animals, but it was really fun when he did!

There were kangaroos! It was so fun because there were a lot of animals that we've been reading about in'll be fun when he puts even more of that together!
Laughing in Butterfly garden...Mommy doing the"let's play" face
Here is a leopard. JJ loved watching the two of them "on the prowl"
There were two big (old, we thought) elephants. We don't think JJ recognized them as animals because they didn't move much...they are such a sight for me!
JJ's favorite thing, by far, was the splash park right by the entrance. We didn't know about this, so we didn't bring his swimsuit, but Jared kept taking him around to the edge of the fountains. If you have never been to one (we weren't before we moved here) the fountains turn off and then spring up out of the ground. So fun! Next time we'll wear our suits too and splash with him!
My sweet Jareds!
I LOVE this picture! Worth a thousand words for sure!

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