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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Brownie Trifle recipe

This recipe is from my dear friend Rebecca. She actually gave me a book of some of "her favorites" before I came down to Florida and I have LOVED having it. This one is really easy, so I can write it by heart:

Brownie Trifle:

1 prepared pan (9X13) box brownies
2 boxes chocolate pudding
1 small container cool whip
Strawberries or crushed heath bars for topping

Directions: Bake the brownies as directed. Cool. Make the pudding as directed. In a bowl (or trifle dish--I didn't have one) break up half of the brownies and place them on the bottom. Layer with half of pudding and half of cool whip. Repeat with remaining ingredients. Top with sliced strawberries or crushed heath bar pieces (I used a crushed symphony toffee/almond bar) ENJOY! This was definitely a hit, but it is sweet!
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Lisa said...

Love your new look! Thanks for sharing this recipe...looks easy and yummy.
We continue to pray for you guy! I love reading your blog, and seeing all that God is doing in your lives. Thanks for sharing :)

Sarah K said...

I think I caught you experimenting with different backgrounds the other day...this was is really fun though and very "you"! I'm so sorry about your grandma too - did you end up coming up this way or no? I was thinking about you lots and wondering what you decided. Will you be coming up for awhile at Christmas? I definitely want to see you guys if we can!