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Thursday, October 2, 2008

St Simons and a really great time...

Here is a picture from our hotel room of the place where our Student Venture Women's Retreat was. Yes, I know, nothing like "suffering for the LORD" (supposed to be funny). It truly was beautiful and an "away" for me that I haven't had since??? ...
It wasn't just being away, it was being able to be "fed" spiritually and take assessment of my heart. There were a lot of "ouch" moments when things hurt (a lot) that the Lord was dealing with, but, in the end it was so very, very good and needed. I am so blessed to be walking in this calling, and broken, poor and needy as I am, that He would be so pleased to form me as His vessel to be poured out for this I rejoice.

Jared actually flew home to PA and had some time with his family. He did so well with JJ traveling on the plane by himself with him. I am so proud of him and JJ did really well too. I missed him (I missed my hubby too!) so much as I had never left him (JJ) overnight and this was 3 nights! and 4 days that we were apart. I wondered at what "point" JJ would notice that I wasn't there and Jared said he just kept being upset and saying "MA!" "MA!" He is still doing this, so I am not sure it is because he's calling for me or that he's trying to say "mad", who knows?? I do feel loved and am so glad we are all back together.

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