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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Snuggles w/ Daddy & Cold Day in Florida!

Brrrrhhhh! I know I will get little sympathy for our nights in the 4o's and days in the 60's and having to turn the HEAT on briefly this morning, but Jared and I are amazed at how quickly we got accustomed to always being able to wear shorts and t-shirts and to put them on JJ, so it has been quite an adjustment these past couple of days. I think I will bring down some more warmer clothes, especially for JJ, when we go home at Christmas. As long as JJ got to take a walk, he was fine with the colder temperatures. I feel really bad for my Mommy friends up north who aren't able to take walks in the colder months.

In this collage, thanks to Julie for the idea to make the collage, there are also the cute snuggles of JJ with Daddy at our team hang out day on Saturday and the Brownie Trifle I brought to our team day.
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