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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Around the house with JJ...

It's amazing how JJ's started to notice all the things that move and he's become so interested in lawnmowers, weed whackers, any kind of car, TRUCKS, school buses, on and on. I do love watching him enjoy new things...this was the scene when I was getting dinner ready:-)
Okay, so this is a really heavy apple juice bottle and, as you can see, my son thinks that he can pick it up and probably throw it somewhere (he is a thrower!). I had to grab the camera because I couldn't believe his determination to pick it up.
My sweet boy...waiting to walk...he really likes the world better when he is standing as you can see his happiness here. He also seems to want me to hold him so that he has a different perspective of the world than when he's crawling. I feel pretty "ready" for him to walk, but I don't know how it will also be tougher...I know he is developing fine and will walk when he's ready, but I do feel like one of those parents who compares her kids to others (yucky, I hate it!). I guess I'll chalk his "later" walking up to his relatively little feet, like my sister, Nea,'s hard to walk on them!
JJ cutie pie!

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