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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Last Days in PA before the move...

JJ doing laundry with Mum adorable is that!

Maribel and Mum Mum gave JJ a bath so we could keep packing!

In the midst of the moving-craziness there was this BEAUTIFUL rainbow! We had seen a beautiful one in Hungary, by the lake, and I saw the most amazing one on the plane ride for the trip to Florida! I just so embraced the reminder of God's promise!

He's working on walking so he can be a little Nike star! JJ Alleman--the Baller!

Ok, I am sooo partial, but ADORABLENESS, just off the charts!!

Playing with PJ and Michael when Auntie Liz dropped off the things she had gotten for me...I miss these boys and my oh-so-faithful and wonderful friend Liz:-(

JJ is transfixed on the TV, but it is still adorable as James is giving JJ a bear hug! Incidentally, we were able to make a video call to Jared's family today and when James saw JJ on the screen, he went down to the basement to look for him to play with!! I don't know whether to laugh or cry...I love the technology and the things we can do to stay in touch, but in many ways, it can make you miss loved ones more...

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Julie said...

those are fun memeories! Jasper has been walking all over the place... trouble!

fun to have you back!