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Friday, August 8, 2008

Mass Chaos...

I would have pictures uploaded for the following lovely things that have been happening this week:

  • visiting my Dad and Stepmom in their lovely home and my uncle's farm in Lancaster County
  • rendezvous with my twin and her oh-so-cute twins and 2-year-old
  • soooo many adorable things our Baby Boy is doing
  • a video of a rainbow that spanned the sky here last weekend

I am about to go to bed going on 1am as we have been SO BUSY packing up our lives literally and figuratively. I can't even think straight with all of the sorting staying and going, etc...BUT we are so thankful that SOON we will be in our own home (we are renting, but it will just be US there...) and that for at least two years we will have a home as a family. The transiency of the past three years has been so growing and stretching and it won't stop, but it is such a treasure to be in this place receiving the desire of our hearts in this calling to young people. We are excited for the days ahead and FOR MANY OF YOU TO VISIT US IN FLORIDA!

So, I will be blogging pictures and catching you all up soon...thank you faithful readers for checking may be a few days as we won't have internet in our house yet...

Love to all, Abby:-)

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Julie said...

Hang in there friend! You must be exhausted if you are tired by 1... my night owl friend... you need to get some McLeod's Daughters to watch while you are packing! That will keep you up. I haven't watched it since you left... I need to catch up with you! Hugs and love jules