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Sunday, August 3, 2008

JJ's 1st Birthday Party!

Yesterday (Jared's actual birthday) we had a 1st Birthday Party for our JJ! I can't believe he's almost 1! (it isn't officially until the 21st, but since we are moving...) The day had been rainy and we all prayed the weather would hold out as we were having it at a pavilion in a park. It turned out to be beautiful! Thank You Lord!

My nieces Annika, Camille, Kelsee and Chloe playing on a see-saw.I love this picture...Annika is the best big sister! She learned well from her mommy:-)

This is my friend Alyson's daughter Leah, and my friend Jess' daughter, Brooke...One is almost 2 and the other 2...All of the two-year-olds were having a hard time sharing...I think they'd both be saying "mine" if we could hear them.

Here is JJ re-united with his "twin" BenBen who was born 16 hours before JJ. Everyone commented on how much they look alike with their wavy blonde hair and beautiful eyes and general CHUBBIES!

Here are three neighborhood kids, Gianna, Jason and Dylan that came to the party. We were so glad that they came!

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Julie said...

Happy Birthday Jared!!!! We pray it was a fun blessed day with you and the family!!!